Who We Are

Brooklyn Baked & Fried is a mobile catering business operated by a daughter, Nie Blake and mom, Denise James team. Currently doing various events and fairs around NYC, you can follow BBF to get updates on locations.

Brooklyn Baked & Fried was a dream that Nie had & with the help of her mom Dee worked to make a reality. Knowing they couldn't be the only ones that craved the foods they enjoyed as kids they set out on a journey to bring these treats to the masses. 

What We Offer

Our offerings change to reflect the things we like to enjoy. We usually ask ourselves "What was good when we were kids? or  What's the most cheat day worthy treat?" the answer is usually something sweet and messy and so it goes on our menu!! 

Bottom Line

We make food for those who are looking to stuff their face! We are not making foods that will get you into that pair of skinny jeans you have been eyeing!! You can enjoy us everyday or leave us for the cheat day either way ain't no scale watching here!!!